Frequently Asked Questions

Do the PhysioCue therapy devices have any negative side effects?

Our PhysioCue devices have no negative side effects.

Disclaimer: Both our PhysioCue 1.0 and 2.0 devices provide non-invasive therapies for which we currently make no medical claims – our devices don’t diagnose or cure anything. However, they do provide immediate and sustainable therapy, when used daily, for most hypertension sufferers.

Take your prescribed medications. However, if you have been diagnosed with hypertension but have not yet begun a medication regimen, you may want to try our PhysioCue 2.0 device. PhysioCue’s 2.0 device, used as a therapy treatment, may delay the onset of medications. When you start taking hypertension medicine you will likely have to take your prescribed medication for the rest of your life.

A # 2: Your PhysioCue device may, however, be used as an adjunct to your medications. Our anecdotal evidence has shown that medications that reduce BP but that do not meet hypertension reduction targets can be augmented by the use of our PhysioCue technology and devices.

It’s easy. Your carotid artery is two inches (or 3 centimeters) to the left or right of your Adam’s apple. Apply your index and second fingers to the site, and you will be able to feel your pulse. That is the place to apply our device. If you can’t find your carotid artery, ask your doctor, your pharmacist, or any medical practitioner.

You can use either carotid artery sinus site, but our laboratory work has shown that applying our PhysioCue 2.0 device to your left carotid artery yields slightly better results.

You may skip a day or so, but if you miss more than a day, your BP will start to return to its former levels. Ideally, you need to use it daily, for just 5 minutes, for best sustainable results.

Very soon! We are applying for a Medical Insurance reimbursement code. A positive note: Our PhysioCue 2.0 device generally costs less than your cumulative insurer co-pays for medications.

Yes you can. Our clinical trial and hundreds of anecdotal tests have shown that the 5-minute therapy duration usually produces a significant and cumulative reduction in BP. Using the PhysioCue device for more than 5 minutes may not be necessary.

We have applied for an FDA Class 2 (de novo) certification for our PhysioCue 2.0 device and subsequent PhysioCue devices.

Our PhysioCue 1.0 devices are made in the USA. Our PhysioCue 2.0 devices will also be manufactured in the U.S.