Track your migraine and headache!

MigraineCue is made by PhysioCue Inc., the manufacturer of Non-invasive Easy to Use Migraine & Headache Therapy Device, Model Q2. MigraineCue allows migraine and headache sufferers to keep track of their attack to monitor and help to manage with details. Users can keep a record of their pain and treatment through the app, receive insightful reports, and exchange information with other patients in the community. It is highly recommended to use Q2 device to experience the best result to manage the pain from Migraine & Headache.

‘MigraineCue’ application has the following main functionalities:

• Record: ‘MigraineCue’ is a self-tracking application that helps users to record and identify their pain caused by migraine and headache with intuitive and clear user interface. Users keep a record of all aspects of their pain, including duration, intensity, location, symptoms, aura, trigger, impact, and relief method.

• Calendar/Report: ‘MigraineCue’ not only provides the calendar feature to see all recorded data but also reports which summarize all user’s data and shows intuitive insights related to their migraine and headache. Detailed reports are exported to pdf files that can be stored or shared with doctors or caregivers.

• Community: Users participate in 'MigraineCue' community that supports connection with others who are also affected by the pain or condition they are living with. As well as supporting social connection, MigraineCue community provides useful, accurate and timely information for patients related to their pain and our products.